Delrose construction is the industry leader in the nationwide installation, maintenance and repair of all types and sizes of industrial and commercial ventilators.

New Construction + Retrofit Installations

When it comes to completing a job, we do it right the first time. Delrose has successfully worked on construction projects of all sizes across the continental United States and fully understand the complexities present when working on large-scale industrial projects.

Whether you are retrofitting new ventilators to your existing facility, upgrading the size or type of vents already in-place, or constructing a new facility or building, Delrose has the experience and trained workforce to complete the installation correctly on budget and on time.


Ventilator Repair

If your existing ventilators are leaking, inoperable, or damaged by fire, age, or exposure to process by-products, give Delrose a call.  Damaged ventilators can allow water and weather to enter your facility, inoperable dampers can increase the heat load on your machinery and personnel, and deteriorated components can present a falling object hazard.  Delrose can replace framing, sheeting, flashing, hardware and operators and return your vents to their fully functional condition.  


Maintenance + Inspection

When properly maintained, ventilators should offer years of service helping to regulate the temperature and air quality in your facility. If your existing ventilator is no longer working as designed, or has experienced damage from age or other causes, contact us for an inspection and recommendation on repairs or replacement to get your system operating as it should. We can perform repair services including replacement of framing, sheeting, flashings, and damper hardware/components to return your vent to its operable condition in the most cost-effective manner.

We also offer maintenance packages for ventilators to keep them in optimum condition and provide an opportunity to identify and rectify potential problems before they become an operational issue.


Our Services Include:

Clamshell Ventilators

Clamshell ventilators have been used for decades on all types of manufacturing facilities and are a viable method of ventilation control. Delrose specializes in providing repair and refurbishment of existing clamshell ventilators and installation of new units. Our crews are experienced in the repair,replacement, and installtion of damper operating systems, flashings, interior / exterior metal sheeting and bird screens. We possess the specialized equipment and field knowledge to keep your facilities' clamshell ventilation fully operational.

Continuous/Gravity Ridge Ventilators

Delrose Construction's experience in the continuous/gravity roof ventilation field is unsurpassed. Our company has provided new construction, retrofit construction, refurbishment and repair service to every industry which utilizes continuous/ gravity roof ventilation and have performed work on every type and size of ventilator.

  • Motorized Damper Units
  • Sheeting/Flashing Installations
  • Manual Chain/Handwheel Units
  • Structural Framing Installation/Repair
  • Hardware/Component Replacement
  • Bird Screen Installation/Repairs
  • New Construction
  • Retrofit Construction

Low Profile Ventilators (LPVS)

Low profile ventilators(LPVs) are a popular option when constraints with space, building, loads or aesthetic restrictions limit the use of other ventilation equipment. Delrose has installed new and retrofit LPVs throughout the United States. Whether the LPV has motorized dampers, manual dampers or fixed blades, we can perform retrofits while the facility remains in operation, limiting downtime.

Wall Louvers intake/exhaust, wall and roof fans

Wall louvers along with roof and wall intake/exhaust fans are often an integral part of a complete ventilation system. Delrose provides both new construction and retrofit installation of these components and their accessories, including fixed-blade louvers, manual and motor operated louvers, all sizes of fans, dampers, silencers, filter boxes, and rain hoods.  We can provide structural framing supports and seal flashing for a complete weather-tight installation. 

Metal roofing and siding / fiberglass-reinforced panels

Delrose provides supply only, supply + installation, or installation only of all types of industrial metal roofing and siding, metal building accessories(flashing, fasteners, caulking, closures, insulation, etc.) and pre-fabricated metal building erection. We can supply any profile, gauge or finish of roof and wall panel and are also a supplier/installer of fiberglass-reinforced(FRP) panels and structural members.